A Modern Architectural Marvel Is Restored, Flaws Intact

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Would you believe this house—so stark, industrial, even futuristic in appearance—is over 80 years old? And would you believe that the owner went through great lengths to preserve—not cover up—the wear and tear dealt to the Maison de Verre since 1928? Because the flaws are what Robert Rubin celebrates most about his collectable possessions, going to great lengths to make sure those imperfections remain in place:

"It relates to my interest in originality. Things that are original have personality and a sense of accrued time that you can see for yourself."


This building, designed by Dutch architect Bernard Bijvoet and constructed by French craftsman Louis Dalbet is notable for its glass brick face, rubberized flooring and steel beams inside. Exposed conduits and a doorbell with three distinct rings for different visitors add the appropriate flourishes to the modernist structure. Oddly enough, the Wall Street Journal says the house was considered retro compared to other utopian architectural designs across Europe. Be sure to check out the full story for an entire gallery full of beautiful shots. [WSJ]



Maison de Verre? Wasn't that the name of the burlesque house on the episode of the Simpsons where Bart gets a job?