A Nation-By-Nation Breakdown Of Avatar's Moolah

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We know that James Cameron's Avatar has raked in a record-breaking $1.34 billion internationally. But where exactly did Cameron make the most greenbacks off his epic of 10-foot-tall cerulean cat people who make love with their hairdos?

SCI FI Wire recently compiled a handy chart delineating the blockbuster's take by country. As you can see here, Cameron's Terrans-and-pterodactyls epic did particularly boffo box office in Western Europe, Russia, and the Pacific Rim.

Argentina $1,355,873
Australia $49,284,892
Austria $6,390,284
Brazil $20,677,696
Bulgaria $1,750,831
Chile $4,129,164
France $69,084,433
Germany $54,057,488
Hong Kong $11,131,296
Japan $35,050,720
Mexico $23,376,392
New Zealand $4,487,227
Russia $41,599,901
Portugal $4,383,348
South Korea $48,571,075
Spain $46,154,230
Switzerland $7,480,763
Turkey 8,969,218
United States & Canada $430,846,514
United Kingdom $53,315,370
Other Foreign Sales 410,849,799


Given all the hubbub surrounding the film's themes (heck, even the Vatican chimed in yesterday, denouncing the 162-minute-long popcorn flick as "a wink towards the pseudo-doctrines which have made ecology the religion of the millennium"), we're just waiting for some intrepid social scientist to divine these statistics and determine what Avatar's box office take says about a country's national character. Here are some of io9's proposed dissertation titles:

- Na'vi Neo-Pantheism and Controlled Substance Policy in the Low Countries: A Comparative Analysis
- Blue Aliens, Red Legacy: Avatar's Heresthetical Pacifism Vis-à-Vis Russian Expansionism
- Bulgarians Don't Like Sam Worthington For Some Reason