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A New Apple TV Beta Makes It Look a Little More Like iOS 7

Illustration for article titled A New Apple TV Beta Makes It Look a Little More Like iOS 7

With the arrival of a beta 4 update this morning, Apple TV finally got a little a UI makeover. It looks like Apple TV is finally catching up with iOS 7.


The redesign is not totally dramatic—and for now it's for developers only—but there's a new emphasis on colors a la iOS 7, and apps including Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Computers all have new redesigned icons. Overall, icons have been made flatter too, in line with Apple's new design standards. On top of that, Apple TV now uses the Helvetica Neue typeface Apple introduced with iOS 7. You should see it hitting your Apple TV around the same time iOS 8 hits this fall.

Consistent design across platforms is not a bad thing. However, third-party apps still hold onto their same old, crappy icons. It would be nice to get some consistency there, too, but considering the platform as a whole hasn't gotten a lot of attention lately, we'll take what we can get. [Cult of Mac]

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It's on it's 4th generation and they still call their software "beta"??? Leave it to Apple.

"Our product can't be ridiculed if we still call it beta" Nevermind that it's been a beta for 7 years.