A New Facebook Glitch Is Reposting People’s Random, Old Updates

Say hello to your old posts, idiots! Image: AP Photo/Eric Risberg

Facebook users are reporting a bizarre bug that—like the video Year In Review or the persistent On This Day feature—dredges up digital memories. The only problem is that it’s doing so without their knowledge or permission.


The glitch appears to be grabbing users’ posts at random and tossing them back onto their walls—and their friends’ timelines, Mashable and PC Mag report. The reposted content in the examples Gizmodo was able to find had their timestamps altered by the glitch to look like they’d been posted recently. Needless to say, lots of people are confused and annoyed.




Some users affected by the repost glitch noticed the issue after updating the app or checking the Year In Review feature. Currently, it’s not known what the root cause is, but we’ve reached out to Facebook and will update if we hear back.

These reposts come just a few weeks after a major bug on the platform pronounced many of its users deceased. Now back from the dead, some of those same users are apparently stuck in a digital fugue state of embarrassing old status updates and photos of exes.


Is your Facebook a catastrophe right now? Let us know what’s happening.

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