A News Broadcast Reenacted Olympic Highlights with Lego

Because showing highlights of the Olympics can be quite the political mess of air rights and restrictions and licensing and sponsors and other BS like that, ABC News in Australia decided to circumvent the issue by re-creating the women's 100m hurdles finals with Lego. It's awesome.


As you may know, Australian Sally Pearson beat out Americans Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells for the gold and the Aussies on the news broadcast created a dramatic reenactment of the event with Lego bricks to show their audience. It's riveting stuff! The reason news shows can only show still pictures of the Olympic events is because the rules of the IOC in regards to highlight packages are pretty damn strict. From the Hollywood Reporter:

a) Olympic Material may appear in no more than three (3) News Programs per day; and
b) No more than two (2) minutes of Olympic Material may be used in any one
News Program; and
c) These News Programs must be separated by a period of at least three (3) hours; and
d) No more than one third of any individual event may be used in any one News Programs or 30 seconds, whichever is the lesser time. However, if the duration of an individual Olympic event is less than 15 seconds the whole of the event can be shown in a News Program."

Basically, don't air highlights of the Olympics on TV if you don't own the rights. [Australia Network News via The Hollywood Reporter]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I was hopefully expecting a stop-motion re-enactment but it makes sense that that probably would have been way too much work for a news station.