A Note From January Steve Jobs to October Steve Jobs

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This is what you get when you mix Steve Jobs' iPad presentation with yesterday's MacBook Air presentation, barely ten months later. Of course, a PC netbook is not like an axe-blade-thin MacBook Air. And the MacBook Air isn't "cheap".

The same happened with video iPods and smartphones and tablets too. One day he trashes something... and the next day, that something is the best thing ever. That something being their thing.


Let's take a bet: Despite saying the contrary yesterday, Steve Jobs will show fully touch-enabled Air-ish notebooks powered by Mac OS X Lion in October 2011, including at 15-inch model. In fact, I'm sure Apple is working on a desktop touch solution too.

Hey, I predicted all this a few months ago, so my "touch-crystal ball" works. And with touch-crystal ball I really mean "whiskey touch-glass".