A Real-Life Nine-Inch Nail Gun Puts Puny Nerf to Shame

Played Quake recently? Or listened to any Trent Reznor? This man's insane, semi-automatic nine-inch nail gun will make you want to do both. That and also eat some melons.


From the same mind the brought us a lovely and inadvisable 3D-printed cornstarch flamethrower comes this spike-sling monster, which can apparently be made from the sort of debris you might expect to find in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Inventor Ivan Owen doesn't share any of the specifics on how he created this monstrosity, which is both a little disappointing but probably also for the best.

You're probably better off with a Nerf gun, Quake Live, and The Social Network soundtrack. But by all means, leave your Pretty Hate Machine puns below.


Eric Limer

Alt lede: Hi kids. Do you like violence? Wanna see this guy shoot nine-inch nails through each one of his....melons?