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A Remote Control Brake That Stops a Kid's Bike In Its Path

Mastering balancing is only half the challenge of learning to ride a bike. Knowing how and when to apply the brakes is the other half. And like a driver's ed car that features an extra set of pedals for the front passenger, the MiniBrake gives parents a wireless remote control for the brake on their child's bike.

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The MiniBrake attaches to the back of the seat post on smaller bicycles—whether pedal or push bikes—and raises or lowers a simple friction brake that brings the back wheel to a gentle stop. And its wireless remote has a range of about 164 feet, so as long as a parent can see their child, they should be able to stop them.

A color-changing LED indicates the MiniBrake's battery life. And if it dies while a child is riding, it automatically locks the bike to prevent a situation where the bike couldn't be stopped if the parent didn't know the battery was dead.


At the moment the creators are attempting to raise $75,000 on Indiegogo to put the MiniBrake into production, and a contribution of $80 will secure you one of the units if and when it ever sees the light of day. At some point a parent teaching a child to ride a bike just has to let the kid go and ride free, but until the basics are mastered, the MiniBrake should help prevent the occasional discouraging accident. [Indiegogo via Gizmag]

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It's VERY easy to lock up a bike's rear wheel with the brake, which will likely cause a spill. I only see this as useful with small children on bikes with training wheels ... and why do you need a remote brake for that application?