A Retro Phone Your Grandpappy Would Have Loved

For those of you who haven't yet given up land lines for cell and skype phones, you might as well show off your meaningless attachment to antiquated technology rather than disguise it with fancy looking yet boring phones.

This here phone might look like it was used back in the 30s to call Hoover to complain about the economy, but it's actually a cordless phone with all the trimmings. You got your push-button dialing, your caller ID, call waiting, redial (yes, redial! The future is now!), and three-line display. It can do basically everything with the notable exceptions of making free VoIP calls or working anywhere rather than just in your house.


All this for a mere $189, and you don't even need to sign a two-year contract to get it!

Product Page [via Uber-Review]

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