A Saddle-Inspired Chair Lets You Rustle Up Some Relaxation

It's not exactly going to disrupt the furniture industry as we know it, but designer Christian Sjöström might be onto something with this unique flexible chair inspired by saddles that facilitates several different seating positions. If it's good enough for a cowboy, it has to be good enough for a desk jockey, right?


The Camou's curvaceous steel tube frame is covered in a mesh fabric so not only does the chair allow you to rock back and forth, it also allows any dropped crumbs from lunch to fall through to the floor. And while you're certainly welcome to sit on the Camou as if you were riding a horse with your legs splayed, it can also be used like any other office chair in a more comfortable position—at least for those of us who've never spent months on a cattle drive. [Christian Sjöström via Freshome]

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