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A Self-Powered Treaded Skateboard That Can Plow Through Any Terrain

The smallest rock can topple even the most skilled skateboarder. And if your town is devoid of smooth, safe skateparks and half-pipes, maybe it's time to upgrade your gear? With a set of spiked treads and a four-stroke engine, Dan Baldwin's Ungoverned will happily plow through gravel, dirt, snow—pretty much any terrain you can think of.


The Ungoverned is an updated version of a powered skateboard Baldwin first designed and built back in 2009, and thanks to improvements in materials and technology it actually weighs in lighter than the original model. But it's designed to be more capable and easier to ride. A wired handheld controller regulates the Ungoverned's acceleration, and while its top speed hasn't been revealed, it's easily faster than walking or hiking.

And while Baldwin's original creation is still being developed into a consumer-friendly version, he's now trying to market the Ungoverned to prospective manufacturers too. After all, it's not like the Segway cornered the market on personal transportation devices. [Ungoverned via Gizmag]

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That would be good for sand and snow, but for most surfaces that I would actually ride, I would still rather have this: