A Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube That Floats In the Air is Completely Hands-Off

Gif: YouTube

You’d be forgiven for assuming that this video was the work of a talented animator, a visual effects artist, or an illusionist. But the only magic at play here is magnets and a magnificent execution of miniaturized robotics. This is a real Rubik’s Cube that can completely solve itself while floating in mid-air.


We first saw ‘Human Controller’s’ creation about a year ago which started life as an off the shelf Rubik’s Cube puzzle that was invisibly upgraded with servos, electronics, wiring, and even batteries allowing it to spin any of its multi-colored sides without any human intervention. It was also able to automatically “solve” itself once scrambled, but in reality, there wasn’t much logic required to pull off that trick. Since it required a human to do the scrambling manually, the electronics inside could just record every twist and turn, and they recreate them in reverse to create a color-solved cube.

There don’t appear to be any improvements made to the self-solving Cube’s speed: it would still be trounced by the fastest robotic and human solvers in the world. But thanks to some strategically positioned magnets inside (and a cleverly hidden magnetic base) the upgraded Rubik’s Cube no longer needs a human to precariously grasp a corner while it performs its self-solving feats. It now gracefully floats in the air like an illusion straight out of David Copperfield’s repertoire—but somehow even more captivating because you know how it works.


Iron Man's Pants

This would make a great lobby display.

I was hoping for a payoff at the end, like some confetti set to trigger or that demonic cartoon face appearing.