An aeroponics system called the Replenishing Tower is living in our kitchen, and it just gave me fresh-from-the-roots lettuce and basil for a sandwich. Fresh vegetables are within reach all year long in the future.

For the uninitiated, aeroponics is a soil-free self-watering gardening system that you pretty much can't screw up, even if your thumb is less than green. You just fill up the water reservoir, add fertilizer, plug it in, and put it next to a window to keep your plants nourished and happy. The spinning will make sure every plant gets equal sunlight if its indoors, and keep critters from eating your plants if its outside.


We've had no issues keeping ours alive at the Home of the Future over the past four-days. Although full disclosure: the greens in the tower were actually store-bought, as opposed to grown from scratch in our home. But they've managed to stay fresh for the past four days with no refrigeration whatsoever. As for the sandwich? My coworkers of the future could smell my fresh basil from across the room, and they aren't cyborg's toting robo-noses.


The Basics

Dates: 05/17/2014–05/21/2014

Location: 268 Mulberry Street, near Houston Street in SoHo. Nearest subway: Broadway-Lafayette.


Hours: 11:00 am to late. The Gizmodo gang will be working on-site all week—with super-fast wifi, on snazzy furniture—and we'll be hosting events every night. Check the schedule for all our programming here.

Cost: Free!