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A Semi-Scientific Study of Farting in the Workplace

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We know that everybody picks their noses, and now we know that everybody farts too — especially at work. In fact, if this poll is to be believed, people fart at work in lots of places you wouldn't expect.

The intrepid social scientists at Black Sheep conduced a fairly unscientific but nevertheless amusing poll of 95 professional workers about their fart practices at work. They describe what they discovered:

While a cool 45% of the people admit to farting just kinda wherever they have to fart, we think it'd be safe to say that most of the time that would be in a semi-personal work area, so there'd be some overlap with the 12% who chose to go back to their work area and sink those gaseous farticles into their poor, battered office chair.

Yeah, that chair in your cubicle you think is brand new? It's got three years worth of farts from the last guy who sat there, drinking coffee, eating Thai food and farting for 8 hours a day.


Apparently they also discovered that as many as a quarter of professionals are willing to fart anywhere, any time:

But what really ruffles our factory feathers are the 25% of people who walk around crop dusting their co-workers like there's no tomorrow.


Unfortunately, this poll was rather small and didn't include the vast majority of people who do not work as professionals in offices. So we expect a follow-up that includes factory workers, farm workers, underemployed service sector workers, and domestic workers being paid under the table. Otherwise the true diversity of farting American workers isn't being reflected.

via The Black Sheep