Trying to get every last drop of liquid out of a serving bowl with a ladel is all but impossible. The contours of the rigid scoop and the bowl never seem to match up. But designer Jeho Yoon had a brilliant solution. Since a ladel made entirely from silicone would have no rigidity, he compromised by only making half the scoop from the flexible material, allowing it could squeeze into contoured corners.


The brilliance of his Sweeper label mostly comes from its simplicity. It easily matches the inner contours of any pot or bowl, so no broth, cream, or gravy will ever be able to escape its scooping prowess. But don't whip out your credit cards just yet. The Sweeper has yet to be realized as a consumer-ready product, sadly, so it's back to a life of precariously tipping pots and bowls until we can all buy one. [Jeho Yoon via Red Dot Awards]