A Simple Metal Ring Keeps Your MagSafe In Line

As wonderful as Apple's MagSafe connector is at preventing your laptop from accidentally getting yanked off a desk, it's far from perfect. Try actually using your laptop on your lap, or in bed, and you'll find your power cord disconnecting more often than not. A problem that's far from dire, but one that is thankfully solved with the Snuglet.

Designed to sit inside your MacBook's MagSafe 2 connector, the Snuglet does exactly what its name implies; it provides a more snug fit so it's harder for your laptop's power cord to accidentally pop out. However, it's claimed to be made with exacting precision so it's still easy to untether your MacBook when you want to. Nineteen bucks gets you a pair of Snuglets, a small tool for easy removal, and the promised guarantee that wherever you plunk down to work, your power cord will hold strong. [Snuglet via Fancy]


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