A Simple Plastic Adapter That Fixes Stupid Hotel Hangers

Somewhere near the top of the list of travel annoyances are those proprietary hotel hangers with detachable hooks designed to stop guests from stealing them. They make it impossible to hang your clothes anywhere but in the designated closet, but you can finally fight back with a simple plastic adapter called the ConvertAHanger that lets you use hotel hangers wherever you want.

For 10 bucks you get a set of two that allow you to hang wet clothes like a bathing suit on the bathtub's curtain rod, or simply hang a dress shirt in the bathroom while you take a nuclear shower to help de-wrinkle it. The adapter even works for those hotel hangers that have really tiny curved hooks on them, but remember this isn't a reason to steal hangers again. Hotels operate on very slim margins, and the last thing you'd want to do is send a Hilton into receivership when they're missing a couple of wooden hangers at the end of the month. [ConvertAHanger via The Gadgeteer]


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