A Sit-Down Stand-Up Paddleboard For Taking It Easy On the Water

Stand-Up Paddleboarding has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, but it's an activity limited to those with a good sense of balance, and a strong set of legs. For the rest of us—and the lazy—there's now the CruiserBoard which upgrades your standard paddleboard with a comfy place to sit and lean.


Featuring a cathedral hull on the underside to improve stability on choppy waters and extra high sides to minimize water splashing up and making the surface slippery, the CruiserBoard's most notable feature is actually its folding plastic seat that can be used for sitting or leaning for a more comfortable experience. It also comes with an adjustable paddle that can be easily converted into a two-bladed design for use when sitting like on a kayak.

With a price tag of $2,590 the CruiserBoard is considerably more expensive than even the largest of paddleboards. However, its learning curve appears to be a lot easier for those who've never tried stand-up paddleboarding, which means you'll spend far less time falling into the water and precariously trying to get back on your feet again. [CruiserBoard via Gizmag]

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