A Slim Filter That Purifies Water Bottles From the Inside

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You can be relatively certain the water inside a bottle is clean and pure when you first open it, but what about when you refill it from a tap or drinking fountain? That's where a water filter can help prevent you from getting sick, or just save your taste buds. And few look as easy to use as the WaterBean, which slips into a bottle and purifies the water with a few seconds of shaking.

Working not unlike the handles on a pair of spring-loaded shears, the WaterBean automatically pops open when inserted into a bottle so that it won't come out while you're drinking, but using a small loop on the end it can be easily removed as needed. Inside the WaterBean is a replaceable filter that uses granulated coconut carbon to purify water with as little as just five seconds of shaking and stirring, although the longer you keep the water moving through filter the cleaner it will taste.


The WaterBean itself, which includes a filter good for about two months of use, is just $13. And a $5 replacement pack of filters will keep the WaterBean purifying your H2O for an additional six months. So like with most filtration solutions, it's not a one-time purchase. But by refilling bottles of water instead of constantly buying new ones, you'll be saving quite a bit of money in the long run—not to mention the favors you'll be doing Mother Nature. [WaterBean]