A Solar Charger That Rewards You for Staying Off the Grid

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Besides a reduced monthly power bill, there's a certain smug satisfaction to recharging your gear with solar energy. It's almost like you want everyone to know how eco conscious you're being, and with the Changer solar charging system, you'll actually be rewarded for bragging about it.


I'm going to knock off a few points for product naming, since I've no idea how to pronounce the kit's included Kalhuohfummi battery, and will make a fool of myself whenever I refer to the Maroshi solar module. But the two work together, with the solar panel providing up to four watts of power an hour in ideal sun bathed conditions, enough to charge the battery in about four hours. The Kalhuohfummi can then be used to recharge any USB friendly device, with enough juice to top off a couple of iPhones.

But free, slow energy is just the beginning. The battery module also tracks how much power the solar charger has generated, calculating and sharing the CO2 emissions you've reduced on the Changer's website. Your do-gooding can even be tweeted to your followers, though their praise and adulation isn't the only reward. The more energy you produce using the Maroshi solar module, the more Changers Credits you'll earn, which can be redeemed for yet to be revealed perks, which we're assuming are going to be just as Earth friendly. The Changers starter kit is available for pre-order for $149, and ships sometime around the middle of November. Just in time for when I'm spending all of my waking hours indoors, away from the sun. [Changers Solar Charger via Wired]



Being that this system is being marketed towards the Green demographic, I don't know how many people actually *need* to charge their devices out in the sun. I just wonder how green the process of making the plastic, mining the copper, or making the battery is.. and balancing that against whether we actually have a valid and redundant need to charge our device via solar.