Coming soon to the 'guaranteed to drive parents insane' section of your local toy store is the Teeter Popper. Embracing the odd satisfaction one gets from meticulously popping a sheet of bubble wrap, the Teeter Popper is a small balance board covered in suction cups on the underside. As a child rocks back and forth on it, the suction cups get continuously stuck and unstuck to the floor with a satisfying chorus of pops while they play.

As annoying as the sounds would certainly get for parents after the first, oh, 28 seconds of play, in a way the $37 Teeter Popper does look kind of satisfying and relaxing. As previously mentioned, it seems oddly appealing in the same way that destroying a sheet of bubble wrap is. And were it not for the fact that a larger version would probably end up tearing up floor tiles, we're almost tempted to pine for an adult version of this one. [Fat Brain Toys via Inventor Spot]

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