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A Tablet for Kids Isn't a Bad Idea

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you seen kids play with iPads before? They're enchanted by them, mesmerized by the interaction. For some reason, they just speak them. LeapFrog thinks so too, that's why they're making a tablet for kids.

Sure the LeapPad won't be as good as an iPad, but it's only a hundred bucks, clad in tough plastic and will have over a 100 different kinds of game cartridges, books, apps and videos. I'm sure parents would love to get their kids their own tablet so mom and dad can have their iPad back.


The LeapPad comes stock with 2GB, a camera, video recorder, microphone and a 5-inch touchscreen that works with a stylus as well as a finger. $100 when it comes out in August. [Venture Beat]