A Time Lapse Accidentally Captures a Man Proposing to His Future Wife

Michael Justin Porco was enjoying a beautiful Spring Day in New York City and decided to make a time lapse in Central Park. When he looked back at the time lapse he spotted a man proposing to his future wife. Aww.

It's a pretty awesome story. He only managed to capture 12 pictures (one picture every 5 seconds) before it started raining and 10 of them included the proposal sequence, with the man and woman right in the middle of the picture and the Bethesda Fountain as their backdrop.


Porco doesn't know who the couple is but hopes he can find them so he can give them these photos. He took the pictures at Saturday May 7th at around 12:41 pm in Central Park. If you know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who got engaged over the weekend, it'd be super cool to find them. See the full set of pictures here. [Michael Justin Films via PetaPixel]

She said YES!


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