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A Tiny Desktop Museum With Dinosaur Eggs, Moon Rocks, and Titanic Coal

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don't lament the fact that your tiny podunk town recently spent all its money on a new waterpark instead of a museum. Thanks to a lifelong dream of Hans Fex, with a donation of as little as $79 you can have a tiny museum of your own sitting on your desk, featuring everything from dinosaur poop, to coal from the Titanic, to small bits of the Cheyablinsk meteorite.

Hans claims he has been collecting samples for his Mini Museum for 35 years now, and thanks to Kickstarter he can finally make his dream a reality. Available in three different sizes, the aforementioned small version comes with 11 tiny samples, all labeled and encased in a clear resin block so they'll never go missing, or get stolen.


If you prefer a collection that's a little more impressive, though, for $159 you can get the medium-sized Mini Museum which houses 22 specimens including martian rock, triceratops horn, and even mummy wrap. And for $199, you can get the largest version of the Mini Museum which comes with 33 specimens like part of a t-rex tooth, a piece of Apollo 11, and a rock from Mount Everest.


At least this is what Hans promises. The collections look authentic enough, but since everything's entombed in plastic, it's all but impossible to verify the authenticity of all the samples. Maybe that small sample of mummy wrap is actually just a random piece of lint? But maybe that's also part of the appeal? P.T. Barnum was well known for promoting 'genuine fakes', so a little mystery could make this collectible even more fascinating. [Kickstarter via Notcot]