A Tiny Hot Wheels Drift Track on Your Desk Is a Deadline Destroyer

Using a combination of ramps and a low-friction surface, tyotoys’ Phil Foss figured out how to get Hot Wheels cars to drift earlier this year. Ever since that revelation he’s been selling his Diecast Driftpads on his site, including a new ultra-compact version that can fit on the smallest of desks.


At just 18-inches across this smaller version of the Diecast Driftpad is made from the same slick corrugated plastic as Phil’s larger versions, and comes with six adjustable plastic bolts that are crucial for getting the angles on the various ramps just right for a Hot Wheels car to drift.

You can connect standard Hot Wheels tracks to the Driftpad to send your cars perfectly careening into the first ramp which then puts them into a tail-out drift as they come around the track’s single corner, but if space is an issue, you can also up the challenge by launching your vehicles by hand.

At just $10 (plus the cost of a Hot Wheels car or two) it’s cheaper than a Newton’s cradle desktop toy. And if you’ve got a smartphone that can shoot slo-mo videos, instant replays of your successful drifts will seem even more epic than a Ken Block Gymkhana compilation. [tyotoys]

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