A Tiny Stamp Brands Your Can To Make Sure No One Steals Your Drink

Is there anything worse than being at a party and having someone steal your drink? Sure! Taking a long swigg on a can only to realize it isn't yours. But now you can avoid both situations with this keychain-sized stamp that lets you brand an aluminum can with a permanent message, leaving no debate as to its ownership.

The aptly named CanStamp features a set of raised letters spelling out messages like mine, in use, fuel, and 1 more. And branding your beverage is as easy as pressing that stamp—and its message—it into the ridge just below the top of an aluminum can. Admittedly debates over ownership could flare up if more than one person brings the $8 CanStamp to a party, so you might want to skip this one until they come out with a version you can personalize with your name, or a more specific threat. [CanStamp via GearMoose via Likecool]


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