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A (Toy) Shark With a Frickin' Laser (Pointer) Attached To Its Head

Illustration for article titled A (Toy) Shark With a Frickin Laser (Pointer) Attached To Its Head

As lasers go, this pointer won't do much damage outside of maybe burning a few retinas if pointed in the wrong direction. However, if you're a supervillain presenting your plans for world domination to a panel of evil venture capitalists (redundant, we know) this shark with a frickin' laser pointer is the only way to go.


Available for $15 from ThinkGeek, it can be used for pointing out deathray blueprint details on a PowerPoint presentation, directing guards where to take prisoners, or just messing around with the real laser-equipped sharks you keep in a tank behind your desk. The possibilities are endless—as long as they're all evil. [ThinkGeek]

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