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A Traditional Terracotta Roof That Happens to Harness the Sun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There are plenty of technical hurdles keeping the masses from decking out their roofs with solar panels, but their general ugliness doesn't help much either. Tegolasolare puts their photovoltaic panels second to the surrounding architecture, not the other way around.

The Italian company's red clay roof tiles look just like traditional terracotta and incorporate photovoltaic panels, as opposed to merely accommodating them. It's a perfect example of how forward-looking, sustainable technology can exist in harmony with traditional architecture.


Of course, lose the drab solar roof look and you lose your eco-savvy neighbor visibility along with it, and really, what fun is having an Earth-saving roof if it looks just like your regular old one? [Tegolasolare via 3 Rings and Solar Lighting via NotCot]