A Vader Suitcase Can Even Squeeze Into a TIE Fighter's Overhead Bins

Illustration for article titled A Vader Suitcase Can Even Squeeze Into a TIE Fighters Overhead Bins

Even though it's designed for kids, it's going to be hard for adult Star Wars fans not to trade in their carry-on luggage for this awesome 3D Vader suitcase—even if they are Yoda-sized.


Recommended for kids ages three and up, this $40 rolling suitcase can easily accommodate a week's worth of clothing for a toddler, or a single pair of adult pants. But who cares? With a 3D relief of Vader's helmet on the front, and light-up wheels that power themselves as they roll, you'll be happy to pay luggage fees since you'll have to travel with three or four of them. [Disney Store via bookofjoe]

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Reminds of the Star Wars figurine carrying case I used to have as a young lad: