A VW Beetle Toiletries Case For Hippies Who Prefer Staying Clean

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The Volkswagen Beetle isn't quite the same symbol of freedom today that it was back in the '60s, but that doesn't mean its iconic design—and the ideals it symbolized—has been forgotten. So the next time you're restless and feeling the need to just get up and travel, bring this VW Beetle toiletries case along because you don't have to smell like a hippy to embrace their ideals.

The case not only perfectly looks the part, it's also got a fun zip-top roof so you can finally own the convertible you could never afford in college. The inside is lined to contain spills and to make the $24 case easier to clean, and you'll find a handful of elasticized pockets in there to keep your toiletries mostly organized—even if your hippy parents would have looked down on you for doing so. [Fancy]