A Watch That Helps You Stop Watching the Clock

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Days fly by no matter what, and if you're the type of stressed-out person who's always counting every second, sometimes a watch just makes you feel worse. Denis Guidone's "Sometimes" watch is intentionally disorienting, which might actually ameliorate your anxiety.

The watch's face is all black and it has no numbers on it, which makes telling time hard enough, but the design of the watch's hands are what's really befuddling. The hour, minute, and second hands look like fragments of a single long hand, which are each moving independently around the face of the watch. As with other watches there's a long minute hand and a short hour hand. These hands spin around the face of the watch, orbiting around a tiny second hand, which rotates in the exact center of the watch. At certain second-long moments during the day, the segments all line up to form a single long line. At other times, the hands look weirdly scattered around the face of the watch. Check out an animation of the watch in action here.

For $140, the watch is a beautifully-designed reminder that even when every second counts, it's better to be thinking about what you're doing than thinking about how long it takes you to get it done. [Projects Watches]

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We looked at one which only has a single steel ball as an indicator. Those anal about being on time will find it exasperating, but those with a freer sense of time will appreciate it.

More pics of the watch here...click on any of the images for a larger version:[www.rainydaymagazine.com]