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A Water Filter You Won't Be Ashamed to Leave on the Dinner Table

Illustration for article titled A Water Filter You Wont Be Ashamed to Leave on the Dinner Table

I'm a tap drinker, myself—I take L.A.'s finest, straight up. But I understand if you'd like some filtration with your hydration. What I don't understand is the use of crappy plastic pitchers to clean and store your water. Here's a far more elegant solution.


Soma was apparently developed with a "water formula designer" for Starbucks and Peets, who recognizes the need for good-tasting, well-filtered water. As he points out in this video, many water filtration devices use charcoal and plastic, which imbue the water with all sorts of flavors you don't want.

The big difference is that Soma uses a starch-based plastic to house the filter, and the filter itself is all natural and biodegradable, made from coconut shells and sheets of silk. Then of course, you're storing the water in glass. All of which keeps the taste and quality of the water preserved much more intact that it would be in plastic.


But the vessel itself is the real beauty—somewhere between a Chemex coffee brewing system and a beautiful hand-blown carafe that you don't have to hide in the fridge if you don't want to. I think it's worth the price just to avoid that unsightly Brita taking up space on your counter. Incidentally, the price is $59 and includes one coconut-shell filter. [Drink Soma]

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is being ashamed of a brita really a thing? really? i mean seriously, is that a thing? 'oh, you use something that successfully filters your water that looks like a normal pitcher, and not like a chemex had sex with an original ipod? How . . . rustic of you.'