Did anyone ever use a graphing calculator to actually, like, calculate graphs? All I remember is playing Tetris and some Drugwars game. Kids these days have something crazier: Gossamer. It's a web browser for graphing calculators.


Gossamer works with TI-83+ and TI-84+SE calculators and lets you see websites in a cramped, pixelated, black and white screen. Yes, it's terrible and completely useless in the iPhone era but dude! You can sorta read stories and click text links on your TI-83!.

Created by Christopher Mitchell, a first year PhD student at NYU, Gossamer accesses the internet through the Global Calcnet networking protocol to access the internet with pages being loaded on a remote server (and then displayed on the calc). Check it out in the video above. [CemeTech via TechCrunch]


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