A Webcomic About a Pizza Witch Who Falls for a Lactose Intolerant Girl

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Sarah Graley’s webcomic Pizza Witch is as silly and fun as the title suggests. It’s all about Roxy, a witch who brews magical pizzas that make people fall in love with her. When she finds herself lusting after a woman who doesn’t eat cheese, she ends up on an offbeat quest for the perfect pizza ingredient.

Roxy is a pizza-making and delivering witch, with a black cat companion, running a sort of funhouse mirror version of Kiki’s Delivery Service. But Roxy is no Kiki; she’s a brash goofball who is led, in part, by her romantic passions. The comic is just getting started, but it’s already fun to watch the interplay between Roxy and her feline friend George and get a hint at what Roxy will face in her hunt for cheeseless pizza.

Graley also does the webcomic RentQuest, about a 20-something freelance warrior and her housemate, and the diary comic Our Super Adventure. Right now, she’s running a Kickstarter campaign for a print collection of Our Super Adventure comics.


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