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A Webcomic About Two Cosmic Scoundrels By A Creator Of Homestar Runner

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Homestar Runner co-creator Matt Chapman teams up with Samurai Jack artist Andy Suriano, magic happens. Space magic. Their webcomic Cosmic Scoundrels follows a pair of futuristic rogues and their ludicrous adventures on the wrong side of the law. Plus, expect plenty of Easter eggs.

Love Savage and Roshambo are the titular pair of space-faring scoundrels, bouncing from job to job and foe to foe with their shipboard AI, Mrs. Billingsley. Naturally, their attempts at getting ill-gotten goods don't work out quite the way they expect, and they end up dealing with far more alien hooligans, shady baby-buying operations, and space sickness-inducing drugs than they'd ever hope.


Clearly, Cosmic Scoundrels has a great deal of affection for Jack Kirby's cosmic comics and every spaceship-riding criminal from here to Malcolm Reynolds, but its sense of humor is all its own. The comic itself is a wonderfully zany read, but make sure that you read the authors' notes at the bottom. Click the text highlighted in red for Easter eggs that truly enhance the comic reading experience—and remind me so much of those bonus jokes that always turned up in Strong Bad's emails. It may be set in a completely different sort of world, but there's more than a little piece of Homestar Runner in Cosmic Scoundrels.

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