A Weekender Duffel Bag That Can Handle Your Sleeping Bag and Tent Too

When you're not flush with weeks of vacation time, short weekend getaways are the best way to take advantage of those warm summer months. And whether you're spending that time in a cabin or a tent, Alite's Great Escape duffel bag can hold everything you need for a couple days worth of rest and respite.

Why is it worth a spot in your trunk for a weekend of car camping? Its main compartment can hold far more than just a couple of days worth of clothing. There's a large pocket inside that can serve as a toiletries bag too, while four pockets on the outside can hold everything from bug spray to sunscreen.


The $85 Great Escape also features a pair of adjustable straps on each side so you can even pack a rolled up sleeping bag and a tent, all in one bag thrown over your shoulder. Hardcore survivalists might scoff at its lack of complete waterproofing, but you're not going to tackle Everest in just a weekend, so who cares? [Alite Designs]

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