A Weeping Angel Night Light Is The Ultimate Way Of Petrifying Your Kids

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Although their repeated use has blunted their impact a little, Doctor Who's Weeping Angels are still capable of giving young kids (and the kids at heart) a good jump-scare now and then. What better way to remind your little loved ones of such moments of terror than ensuring they never sleep again?


The tiny little Angel, is around 6.5" tall, and is adapted to use with US plugs — slot it in, flick it on, and the statue will glow an ominous amber. Because if this wasn't already a creepy-when-you-think-about-it idea, even the goddamn glow is described as "ominous".

I mean it's a great idea, but also one that seems like a major dick move to do to any young Doctor Who fan who uses a night light — their little light source being a creature that will attack you the moment you take your eyes off it? That's hilariously nightmare inducing stuff. What if the bulb starts going in it and the damn thing starts flickering? Oh God. Forget about kids, I'd be freaking out at that.

The Weeping Angel night light is now available at ThinkGeek for $20. But really, what's $20 when it's nights of scaring your Doctor Who loving children?

[via The Doctor Who Site]

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Awesome! We have a weeping angel tree topper and my daughter spent a lot of the holiday arranging any ornament that had eyes in such a way that it would be looking at the top of the tree. And also spent a good deal of time staring at it herself. This would make her plotz!