A Whole New Way to Floss

Dentists and moms alike might agree you're supposed to floss after every meal, but there isn't a patient or descendant in the world who has ever enjoyed flossing. More often than not, it's painful and uncomfortable, despite how important it is for your gums. Luckily, the new Philips Sonicare AirFloss doesn't use a single piece of terrifying string, but is just as effective and way more comfortable.

By forcing a burst of both air and water directly between teeth, plaque, film and other disgusting things that just don't belong there are blown away without any of floss' painful tug and pull. The microburst technology is designed specifically to act like a miniature power washer and strip away all the grime while still leaving your enamel intact. AirFloss' reservoir can even accommodate mouthwash so the microburst is even more powerful.

An on-board Lithium ion battery means it's easy to charge and use, while the angled nozzle guarantees clean gums in every part of your mouth in less than 60 seconds. Perhaps best of all, you can win one absolutely free right now. Click here to enter to win, and to see how it works.


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