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A Wine Chiller That Could Put Your Eye Out

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The temperature at which you store and enjoy wine can be just as important as its vintage and heritage. So skip the hassle of a fridge, ice bucket, and electric chiller by just stabbing your bottle in the heart with this faux, freezable icicle.

Made from non-toxic gels, a BPA-free plastic sheath and poorly constructed puns, the frozen Corkcicle is inserted into a wine bottle once the first glass has been poured, rapidly chilling it from within. So I guess you'll just have to draw straws to see what dinner guest gets that first warm glass. The $23 Corkcicle will keep white wines at their optimal temperature for about forty-five minutes, and can cool a red in just ten. And even though it's not made from ice, it still has the potential to put your eye out, whether or not a Red Ryder BB gun is involved. [Corkcicle via OhGizmo! via Reddit]