A Zen Garden Clock Is a Relaxing Way To Watch The Hours Slip By

A Zen Garden is supposed to be an ideal way to help you relax and unwind, but all that raking seems like a lot of time that could be better spent doing nothing instead. So we’ll opt for this Zen Garden clock that does all the raking for you.


Over the course of an hour, the clock’s single hand slowly creates a series of concentric rings through its sandy surface, while the next hour is spent smoothing it all out again. The cycle continues, indefinitely, every two hours until you’re relaxed, or have moved onto another distraction.


It doesn’t appear as if Studio Ayaskan is selling its Ripples of Time sand clock, which is unfortunate. But give it a day or two and you’ll probably find an animated watch face clone of it for round-faced Android Wear devices. What a time to be alive.

[Studio Ayaskan via Hypebeast]

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This would look great hanging on my office wall.....