ABC Launches Free Online Streaming

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As announced last month, ABC launched its streaming video service today, offering a two-month trial that lets you stream full episodes of Desperate Housewives, Lost, Alias, or Commander-In-Chief for free. We gave the a new service a try, and it actually looks pretty good, giving you a "full screen" option that shows you a standard-definition stream in a 700x390 window. Nope, you can't pop it full screen, and you can't avoid the commercials, but there are limited commercial breaks, and there's a neat trick that lets you skip one of the commercials for the next, only sentencing you to a 30-second commercial break between segments where you can switch between the commercials of your choice.


The Flash player technology works extremely well, and you can use Firefox, too. Not bad, ABC. Is this is the way TV will look from now on?

ABC: Watch Online Episodes for Free