Accordion Hero, Need We Say More?

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Finally, a game mod worth our time. Forget Counter-Strike, Gary's Mod, and all those other big-name knockoffs; we're picking up a copy of Accordion Hero II. That's right - now there's a sequel to the cult classic that includes hits from traditional polka to M.C. Hammer beats.


The game's "produced" by Schadenfreude Interactive, and before you say anything, yes, we know it's a fake company. Their logo, however, is golden, and the site is worth a visit to check out their other high-profile titles like Cthulhu Karts and Hannibal Crossing. All they're missing is Gears of Fore, an FPS starring a polo shirt-wearing old white guy who pulls guns out of his golf bag to shoot aliens.[Spiele via Make]

- Josh Ziegler


The Sword Master

Haha, we Canadians thought of this first. Well, close. This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a Canadian comedy series had a fake ad for Bagpipe Hero. I realized how much of a loser I was when I thought, Wow, I'd actually buy that!


From October 9th, under Bagpipe Hero.