Accused Teen Bomber Possibly Detects FBI Surveillance Van, Shrugs It Off

Illustration for article titled Accused Teen Bomber Possibly Detects FBI Surveillance Van, Shrugs It Off

You know that 17-year old who was arrested and accused of plotting a massacre that would rival Columbine. He stockpiled bomb-making materials and planned to blow up the local high school on the first day of school.


Well, he may have had advanced warning that he was under FBI surveillance and casually shrugged it off. A post on his Facebook page suggests he and a friend detected an entry for "FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN" while scanning for local wireless networks.

Instead of reacting with fear, horror and paranoia about possibly being tracked, the teen casually called the discovery "weird" and LMAO-ed about it. As some have pointed out, it does seem unusual that the FBI would be broadcasting their SSID, but mistakes like this sometimes happen. Or a neighbor was having a little fun and messing with his mind [Slashdot]

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This is nothing. People name their wireless networks something stupid/funny all the time. My wireless network is Slappa Da Bass.

Now, if it were ACTUALLY an FBI surveillance van, that would be pretty funny. But, since in the article you actually link to it was said that the local Tampa police were informed of the bomb plan through an "informant tip" and were the ones to make the arrest, I highly doubt this was the real thing.