Acer Announces the Upcoming Release of a WM6 Smartphone

When Acer acquired Glofiish maker E-10 last month, it became obvious that it would only be a matter of time before they leveraged their purchase to develop a phone of their own. Today, Acer President Gianfranco Lanci made their plans clear by announcing that they were, in fact, releasing a WM6 smarphone by the end of this year or possibly early next year.

They also announced that E-10 would ditch their PDA business and focus exclusively on smartphones, with the new Acer release headed for sale through wireless carriers (in opposition to E-10's direct to retail roots). Whether Acer can muscle its way into the crowded cellphone market remains to be seen—but it is definitely a logical move for a major PC maker at this point. [CNET]


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