Acer Aspire One Slims Down, Slightly

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While Acer has recently introduced a 10-inch Aspire One (a form factor we've presumed to become the Aspire One's new standard), a few details has surfaced on a new, slimmer version of the netbook.


Given the slim design, this particular Aspire One model is presumed to be an SSD system—one that reintroduces an SD slot into the design for easy and cheap storage expansion. We know, that's not a lot of information. We'll keep an eye out for more deets. [macles via Engadget]



I just hope they don't get much smaller. There's a reason I like using a laptop over a WinMo device. I want enough keyboard real estate to type, and enough screen to see everything.

If they get much smaller i'm going to have to squint to see, and type with a stylus, in which case I might as well just use my phone.