A Quick Look at the 10-Inch Aspire One 103

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A 10-inch version of the popular Acer Aspire One netbook is on the way, as proven in this first set of real-live photographs.


Aside from the 1-inch screen size bump (at 1024 × 600 resolution), the system is pretty much the same as old Aspire Ones—1.6GHz Atom (model unspecified), 160GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, optional 3G, 3 USB ports, multitouch trackpad, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SDHC...you know the drill.

One change noted by jkkmobile, however, was that a series of bottom panels should make changing out the RAM, hard drive, etc, a lot easier than earlier units. Given that most netbook owners that I know are cheap DIY bastards (including myself), that's a welcoming alteration on Acer's part. [Antharius via jkkmobile]



All these netbooks seem to come with 1GB RAM. Anyone know if, in general, they are upgradeable to 2GB?