Acer Founder Is Not Impressed With His American Counterparts

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Stan Shih, founder of Acer, has made a bold prediction with a cowardly timeline: that US computer brands aren't competitive enough to stick it out another 20 years. That'd work out just great for, let's see... oh, right, Stan Shih!

Shih's claim is that US manufacturers are incapable of putting lower priced products on the market, and so will die off like so much chaff. BUT: while companies like Lenovo and Acer have made strides recently, in the PC market there's still high demand for top-tier products, and Dell and HP are still huge—and hugely popular—companies.


The bigger problem, of course, is that in twenty years anything can happen. Maybe we won't be using laptops at all by then. Maybe we'll do all our computing from the Google chips implanted in our brains. So before Stan Shih gets too excited about 2030, maybe he should focus first on making laptops that don't melt in 2010. [PhysOrg]