Acer Founder Says Ultrabooks and Tablets are Short-Term Fads

Illustration for article titled Acer Founder Says Ultrabooks and Tablets are Short-Term Fads

It seems like Acer founder Stan Shih has gone gaga. Or perhaps he forgot to read the bloody memo, because he claims that ultrabooks and tablets are both short-term fads that apparently are going nowhere.

While everyone and their uncle are getting those devices, and companies like Microsoft and Apple are turning their desktop operating systems into touch material, Stan here thinks that the traditional PCs is all that counts because everything still needs to go through it. Well, Stan, you're wrong. Which is bad, because Acer used to do some cool stuff back in the day. His final argument: "consumers want products with low price and convenience."

Yes, which is exactly why they are buying ultrabooks and tablets like there's no tomorrow. [Digitimes]

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a cat named scruffy- live from Caldor

Tablets can't do enough to replace a computer now but give them five years.

I can easily see $200 tablets by then with good enough performance that can replace laptops for those that don't do any actual work on their computers and only surf, shop/pay bills, email, write the occasional Word document, watch Youtube and play around on Facebook (about 3/4 of the people I know).