Acer Iconia Video Hands-On: Dual Appeal

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The Acer Iconia! What a strange dual-screen creature. It's clearly someone's idea of the future of computing, but is it ready for prime time? Take a look for yourself.

The first thing to note is the gesture-based interface: terrifically clever. It feels like how we should be interacting with a next-generation device. place both palms on the bottom panel, and there's your keyboard. Five fingers in the center, there's your media interface. Prefer index finger scrawl to virtual typing? You can do that, too. Neat! Also fun: the ability to cut and paste a website to a "journal" to access it later. Not sure it's more effective than a bookmarklet, but it sure looks fancier. And you can see for yourself how smoothly downloaded HD content plays.


Here's the not-so-great news: the screens, they are glossy. So very glossy. Which wouldn't be such a huge issue were the Iconia not being positioned (or so it seems) as a content-delivery device. And while the screen was mostly responsive to touch, there were enough unresponsive moments to give you pause.

Still, it's an attention-grabbing device, and deservedly so. Now the only question is: who's gonna buy it? And, uh... for how much?