Acer Will Not Release Tablet Competition for the iPad

Acer, in contrast to what we'd heard before, has just said that they'll not be making a tablet to compete with the iPad, instead focusing on ultra-thin laptops. Acer sees these ultra-thins, including many that will run Google Chrome. Acer was cock-sure enough to mention that an iPad-like tablet "would not pose any technical challenges for Acer," but that that design just doesn't fit into their business model right now. Bet Apple's letting out a big old "phew!" in Cupertino about that one. [Digitimes via Engadget]


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I doubt Apple is paying serious attention, being that the force behind their product is the software and media vendor relations they've secured. Why this was even a question is a bit beyond me - that the CrunchPad/Joojoo doesn't exactly match up is forgivable, but even Lenovo's product doesn't impress so much - this Tablet War is the beginning, so whoever is smart is going to wait a bit until many things get ironed out.